Street Legal Cars > Senate Bill 240

Beginning January 1, 2012, Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV) that meet specified requirements will be allowed to be driven on public roads in the State of Georgia. SB240 passed the senate in 2011 and will take effect at the beginning of 2012.

Frank's Golf Car Center offers several cars that meet the requirements put forth in SB240. Please contact us today to look at these cars or to purchase the accessories to bring your current cart street legal.

Requirements Summary

  • Minimum of 4 wheels
  • Maximum level ground speed of 20 MPH or less
  • Maximum empty weight of 1,375 pounds
  • Capable of transporting not more than 8 passengers
  • Sufficient braking system, to include parking brake
  • A reverse warning device
  • Main power switch, with removable device such as a key
  • Head Lamps and Tail Lights
  • Horn and Rear View Mirror
  • Intact Safety Warning Labels
  • Hip restraints and Hand Holds