Service > Electric Car Maintenance

The following items should be checked often:

  • Check water level of batteries at least every 5 charge cycles. There should be enough water to cover the plates. Do not fill the water all the way up to the cap. (never let batteries run dry)
  • Check battery connections. Remove any corrosion and spray with battery terminal protector.
  • Tire pressure should be at recommended psi at all times. Check air pressure in all 4 tires. Do a full inspection at this point. Note any gashes or other damage not associated with normal wear. Inspect tread level.

The following maintenance procedures should be done on a bi-annual basis. Failure to do so could decrease the life of your cart:

  • Check brakes - remove drums and do a complete inspection of shoes. Adjust brakes and cable.
  • Full cart lubrication including all of the following: brake pedal shaft bearings, brake linkage and pivots, accelerator push rod pivots and mounts, forward-reverse switch contacts, brake slides, front suspension, and trans axle.
  • Check all electrical wirings and connections for tightness and damage.
  • Forward reverse switch - check condition of contacts and wire connections.
  • Front wheel alignment, camber and toe-in check and adjust if necessary. The steering wheel should be straight.
  • General vehicle-wash battery compartment and underside of vehicle.
  • Check top for proper connections for safety and security.
  • Check primary and secondary drive assemblies for excessive wear or broken springs and repair as necessary.