Golf Car Rentals

Short Term Rentals

Do you need a golf car for one night, a weekend, or even a few weeks? Our affordable golf car rental may just be what you need.

Offering a full line of golf cars for rent, you can get the benefits of owning a golf car without having to spend the money to purchase one. Whether it’s a weekend event such as a wedding or church event, we have golf cars to fit your needs. Our rentals are also perfect for holidays such as Halloween. From one day to a month, our short term golf car rental is flexible enough to fit your time frame and affordable enough to fit your budget.

Choose from golf cars to suit any number of passengers and terrain. Whether you need a 2-passenger car, or you’ll be transporting many people in our 4, 6, or 8 passenger golf cars, we have models to accommodate your needs. Plus, for heavier duty uses, we offer gas and electric, utility golf cars with dump beds.

We also offer a convenient delivery and pickup service, we make getting the golf car you need quick and easy.

Long Term Lease Program

Our long-term lease program provides an economic solution to your company’s golf cart needs. Our golf car lease program allows you to get the top-quality cars you need without having to purchase them or worry about issues down the road.

Further, we will provide ou with options from 1 month lease to 1 year with options, and guarantees as needed. Franks Golf Car Center can quickly and easily work out a golf car lease program that’s perfect for you. Plus, with our guarantee, should a cart failure occur, we will have it repaired or replaced within 8 hours at no cost to you. When you lease golf cars from us, you get peace of mind as well.