We service all brands of golf cars. Whether your golf cart needs a major overhaul, routine service or maintenance or you just want to add accessories, change tires or change the battery. Our knowledgeable staff will repair your golf car right the first time.

Preventative Maintenance

Even if your golf cart isn't broken, you want to keep up with scheduled preventative maintenance. This means that if you simply need a tune up, we can do that for you. From checking batteries to greasing fittings to checking brakes and inspecting linings, our service department will keep your gas or electric golf carts in tip-top shape.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery

When your gas or electric golf cart breaks down, it’s inconvenient enough, but having to worry about how to get it to the repair shop is an added hassle that can make even a minor mechanical issue into a big ordeal. Thankfully, Franks Golf Car Center offers an exceptionally convenient pick up and delivery service. Rather than worrying about bringing your cart to us, and then having to get it home again, let us pick it up and fix your cart and save the hassle for you.